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Guess you're probably wondering what I'm doing on a website...
well, I'll tell you. It started when I had some time on my hand.....
uh, that would be me over there on the right and as you can see I was recuperating from major nerve surgery.

I was told by the experts at Stanford Hospital if I didn't use my left arm and hand as much as possible I would lose all the fine motor function. I thought and thought...what was there that I could do and enjoy, while recuperating. Aha! Beading!!!

Yes, I was the one in school that would come home with the macaroni necklace that was spray painted gold. Oh, I was so proud of my creations. And I was also the one that painstakingly painted the empty thread spools and strung them on shoelaces to fashion a necklace! Oh, my mum was so proud!

I have since gotten the plaster off, but unfortunately have developed chronic nerve pain. It has left me with a fairly useless left arm. But! Did it stop me from beading? Nope! I still bead, albeit one-handed. I do cheat...I have a pair of vice-grip pliers held by a bench vice to act as my left hand. Does the quality of my work suffer? I don't think so, but to be sure you may check my feedback on eBay...I believe my customers have all been happy with their purchases, and probably didn't even know it was made one-handed.

Thank you for visiting!